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MARCH 2023

The 2023/2024 season may still be months away, but theatres are starting to announce their seasons, and things are beginning to come together. What's lined up so far:  two shows at Cincinnati Shakespeare (winter/spring): Julius Caesar and Much Ado About Nothing, A third show in the works for the fall if things fall into place. Stay tuned!

julius caesar vintage filter.jpg
much ado 2.jpg
A little bit of "Clue," a little bit of "Knives Out," and a lot of fun.

Come check us out at The Human Race Theatre.

JUNE 2020


Well, the theatres are still closed and the world is on hold, so I'm shootin' some hoops, and doing a LOT of reading (and a lot of pushups).

Mask up everyone, so we can get back to work -- and stay safe!

MAY 2020

Taped Play For Our Time, by Brant Russell, a video for Cincinnati Playhouse's online series Monologues Of Hope.

play for our times3.jpg

MARCH 2020

Just underway with rehearsals for Hamlet at Cincinnati Shakespeare Company, to be followed by back-to-back-to-back productions of Lauren Gunderson's gorgeous piece The Book Of Will, then Born Yesterday, and the stage adaptation of the classic Paddy Chayevsky film Network. The cherry on top of this magnificent season comes next spring, with the title role in Mike Bartlett's Charles III.


It promises to be a year to remember.



All the Way11.jpg

January 22 - February 15

All The Way
Cincinnati Shakespeare Company

Love this play.

January 1

A nice little New Year's surprise -- getting a mention at the top of this IndieWire article (link below) on the making of Dark Waters. 

Dark Waters: Todd Haynes and Ed Lachman’s Masterful Nightmare | IndieWire


dark waters poster crop.jpg

That was fast -- shot my part in February, and it's already about to open. Really looking forward to this one; an important film.
In select theatres November 22nd.

In the meantime, check out the TV trailer, and this "Beneath the Surface" featurette. I also show up in the feature story they did on  the film on Nightline: 


august osage county 3 (2).jpg

August: Osage County
Cincinnati Shakespeare Company
September 4 - 28


This one has been an absolute joy.

MAY 2019

flea edit.jpg

A Flea In Her Ear
Cincinnati Shakespeare Company
May 17 - June 2

As much fun as I've ever had on a show. 
A total blast!

extremely wicked poster.jpg

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile

in select theatres and Netflix May 3rd


MARCH 2019

antigonus edit.jpg

The Winter's Tale
Cincinnati Shakespeare Company
February 27 - March 23


Directed by the Royal Shakespeare Company's Christopher Luscombe, you're not going to want to miss this one.

Cincinnati Shakespeare Company presents "The Winter's Tale" - YouTube


16a twelfth crop.jpg

Twelfth Night
Cincinnati Shakespeare Company
November 16 - December 8

You'll laugh, you'll cry (mostly from laughing), and you'll laugh some more.



Cincinnati Shakespeare Company
October 10 - November 3


Buckle up, people, this one is intense.

APRIL 2018


Treasure Island
Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park
April 21 - May 19

A swashbuckling adventure the whole family can enjoy.

TREASURE ISLAND Opens at the Playhouse - YouTube


Filmed a very interesting scene with Zac Efron, Jim Parsons,
and John Malkovich for the Ted Bundy biopic filming in Covington.
Looking forward to seeing how this one comes out.



guess me and jim.jpg

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner
Cincinnati Shakespeare Company
January 24 - February 17

Really proud of this one. A special show.

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